Wednesday, September 30, 2015

when in MI you just never know what you'll be dealing with

Welcome to my new blog!!

I've wrote a few blogs over the years but just recently decided (like yesterday) I wanted a brand new start. I wanted to look into my life differently and start making better choices and becoming more accountable for them in this blog.

Welcome...I hope you enjoy.

I have been running for a few years, but recently it has lost it's sparkle. Not to worry, I'm sure it will come back..or at least I hope.

But none the less I am still staying active.

This morning after dropping my daughter off at school (kindergarten) I went for a 5.10 mile walk. And boy was it cold! You never know with Michigan, honest to goodness I was wearing short sleeves and shorts on Monday..Monday! LOL

The rail trail was beautiful per usual. The leaves are changing and beginning to fall.

There is a farm that the RT backs up to and they sell things from their farm to people that stop by. It's pretty cool.

These clouds have a very suspicious look to them, I wont say it, I'll just type it but they looked like s.n.o.w clouds.  And I'm from MI so I know snow clouds.

I had a delightful lunch with my sister at Panera. I've only been there twice but I have been so impressed both times. I got half kale power chicken salad, 1 cup autumn squash soup and an apple (instead of bread, because I eat GF) and bottled water. I am a huge water fan. I mainly drink water and green tea, occasionally coffee, which I make at home because I am super particular about it. 

I am on weight watchers too (just to get my act together ie be accountable for all I put in my mouth) It's a work in progress and literally just started 2 days ago. This lunch was 12 pts. I think it was on the higher side because he sodium in the soup is a bit high....awh the things you learn when you read the nutritional facts before making decisions. 

I try to get my points for the next day in too, just to see what I am working with. After today I knew I had extra points to get a little something..that little something was this little gem. 

I saw this flag flying while I was out and about. It is a HUGE flag and with the wind whipping like it was, it looked stunning. (I was stopped at a light, I don't use my phone when driving and I realize I probably shouldn't take pictures next to a police officer... :( 

I did a bit of shopping because as you might know from this new blog I am trying to get to a better/healthier place. I am looking for all I can do so I can make that happen. 
I went to TJ MAXX to get a veggie thing that makes vegetables into pasta...interesting right? Yeah then I got carried away and had to eventually get a cart! It was all good stuff though, promise. 
So my loot included
  • veggetti
  • chai seeds
  • coconut oil ( I wanna use this for cooking instead of spray)
  • veggie washing brush ( shaped like a carrot, adorable)
  • veggie peeler (mine got dull, so mine as well )
  • Himalayan salt  (I read that's better than table salt)

All and all great stuff! I am excited to use all these products and report back! 

I got a little something in the mail too, which made my day! One of my most favorite blogs to read is Jenchoosesjoy. She had shirts with choose joy on them and all (100%!!) went to St. Jude. I had to participate because...well I mean how wonderful is that?! She's pretty amazing too. I highly suggest her blog! 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day, and making good healthy decisions. :) I know I am trying!! 

*Name one of your favorite blogs, I love reading people's blogs, feel free to leave a link to yours in the comments :)  

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