Monday, October 5, 2015

Cold weather is here to stay... no wait I live in Michigan give it a day.

It is a joke here in Michigan you can get all seasons in practicality one day.  But I think Fall is officially here.

Friday night is our "family movie night." And I made a healthy meal so we could enjoy some popcorn during our movie.

I did a veggie stir fry with cauliflower rice: It's a pretty great and easy meal and the best park..guilt free!

I sauteed veggies: carrots, snap peas, broccoli. I cooked some chicken in my Pampered Chef deep covered baker in the microwave. (love this product, makes cooking super easy).

Take cauliflower, chopped up, and in your food processor chop it up more until it looks like rice. :) I used a whole onion and did the same thing. 

Then is sauteed that in some coconut oil. I do it on low-low medium heat, because I'm worried I'll burn it. I salted/peppered and used some garlic powder. Cooked about 15 minutes.

I apparently deleted the final product picture, but it was good and heated up well the next day at work. It is only like 4 WW points too (which was mainly do to the chicken and oil).

I did have some popcorn, 4 pts for 4 cups (!). 

And I did this..because well it's cold out! Plus it's a good reason to cuddle with my daughter :)

Once she went to bed I read this, while my husband played video games, yeah that was happening! 

I didn't last much past 9:00 pm because I wasn't feeling well. I made a huge mistake a few hours earlier and I was paying for it! 

I have food allergies, something I will get into on another post because it's a lot of stuff, lol.

We went to a parade for the homecoming at our local high school. (The one my husband and I went to ) and the school distract my daughter is now enrolled in. Any who of course my daughter got some candy and when we were heading home I was looking through it. I saw a Hershey bar, I thought well I've ate those with no issues in the past (even though I KNOW it has artificial flavoring which I am HIGHLY allergic to) I ate it and within 1 hour I could feel it coming. It starts with a foggy headache and within a few hours I am nauseous and previously have and possibly could still get sick with vomiting. I was SOOOOO mad at myself. Because the worst part of it all is I did it to myself, I ate it. It wasn't an accident, it was on purpose. I then drank 3 16 oz glasses of water (to try to flush it out) too 2 Excedrin and 1 benadryl. I take the benadryl because I believe it helps because I am having an allergic reaction of some sorts, right?! I had a set back, but I'm moving forward, but as you can see it's a constant struggle!! 

Charlie (female) was trying to make me feel better. PS she is the sweetest cat in the WORLD! 

Saturday I woke up fine, thank goodness.   

I will talk more on the allergies soon. 

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