Friday, October 9, 2015

Grocery goodies, a walk in the leaves, and good eats

Hi guys! Another week is almost in the books and it's been a good one.

Happy and healthy is the way to be :)

Wednesday dinner was a turkey GF sandwich with bacon and mixed greens. I also had a bowl of squash soup: It was only liked by me...but that's all that matters right?! lol just kidding!

Friday is grocery day. I meal plan for the week and execute on Friday. 

I have a couple favorites and a couple newbies. Because I like new things, new things become favorites eventually. 

This turkey is my favorite for a few reasons: 1) limited ingredients 2) made in MI 3) tastes great!

This is one of my favorite Alfredo sauces. I've made homemade alfredo but I've never totally mastered it. This is delightful!  

Our fruit bowel, organic apples, pears and bananas for all to enjoy! 

These are super good gluten free chicken tenders. I like to stock up when they are on sale. 

Peppers and snap peas are two snacks that always make there way into my daughters lunch. 

These are really good fish sticks as far as fish sticks go. They are great for a quick meal, plus GF!

And my new buy: organic veggies that include broccoli, root vegetable, and butternut squash for roasting.  

After shopping and putting everything away I went for a walk. (3.35 miles right before the rain started) It's a bit chilly so a sweatshirt was needed.

I know it's fall, but it's super gloomy here, the sun has not been out much which is already getting depressing. The rail trail was peaceful. I listened to The ginger runner's podcast #26 (I think) about his 2014 run in the San Francisco marathon. I really enjoy his podcasts!

This weekend is already chucked full this Saturday: breakfast out with the family, shopping for a Halloween outfit for my daughters class party (she wants to be a ghost on Halloween so we are doing two customs this yr). And then shopping for my husband, he needs more work shirts. Then when the Michigan football game is on, my sidekick and I will be baking 1) pumpkin chocolate chips cookies (GF) and 2) caramel apples. YUM!! Then sweet and sour chicken DOUBLE YUM!! Sunday we are out to the pumpkin patch! :)

What are your weekend plans?

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