Monday, October 12, 2015

Sunday to Monday funday runday

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and ready to tackle another wonderful week!

(I have been told positive talking/thinking changes outcomes and overall attitude so that's why I try to be so cheerful, hopefully not annoying. It's just another way to be fit, mentally at least.) 

Here are some things from our weekend, or at least our Sunday. You saw what we did Saturday..baked! :) Hopefully you can try or did try those cookies, because they just make it feel more like fall.

We got up had a little breakfast and watched a few cartoons before we went to the pumpkin patch. Johnson's Giant pumpkin patch to be exact. We stopped and picked up smoothies on our way out. I got Island green, the husband got kiwi quencher and my sidekick got a jetty junior. (YUM!)

Then it was pumpkin patch time. There is so much going on there: Rides, face painting, crafts to buy, treats to eat, mazes, animals to feed and of course pumpkins to pick! 

These bumpy pumpkin's are called "specialty" pumpkins. They are one of my favorites. We got one of those, a square green pumpkin (no joke it's square..I should get a picture of it) and a HUGE pumpkin my sidekick picked out. We explained, do you want this one or a bunch of other ones, because it was $13.00...that's how big it is! But she was determined. So we only ended up with 4 because I wasn't spending over our allotted $25.00. :) 

Someone got her face painted, she was pumped!

Then the husband and her enjoyed a treat, I enjoyed watching them eat the treat....yay I'll pretend that's what was happening, LOL.

Then we came home, kinda recharged and went on a bike ride. It was about 70* out! Just gorgeous!! We take 2 bikes and one weehoo, you guys this thing is the coolest. We first used one on Mackinaw Island and just fell in love with it. So it hooks to the back of your bike, and the child can peddle or not peddle, it's totally up to them. But it's great for long rides where kids might get tired and whinny and all that stuff. Its pretty great and a lot of fun, my only negative thing is it's super pricey! 

I had my Boston Strong t-shirt on, so I needed to sport my husbands Boston hat! (sorry the garage is messy..what can I say we live in our house, it's not a shrine) 

We then spent more time outside and then had leftover's and played a family game of go fish. I had a little bit of a stomach ache after my sidekick went to bed so I curled up with a down feather blanket (I still had the window's open from earlier so the cool air was delightful) and made myself a cup of green tea. 

Got a good nights sleep. Which is so imperative for your health. :)

Good morning Monday! 

I was looking forward to starting my week out on a positive note. I did my weigh in for WW, no weight lost but nothing gained. After Saturday's baking extravaganza I am surprised!

I had 2 pieces of GF toast with coconut oil, sugar and cinnamon plus a green tea :)

After dropping my sidekick off at school, I went for about a 2.25 mile run and then about a 3 plus mile walk. I am still not totally back in love with running.

Still no sparkle with running. 

I wear compression socks when I run, I like them. I like them for post long runs or even long work days after a long run in the morning too. 

After my run, smile. 

Then I took off my socks and went for a walk. 

Beautiful scenery. 

My total:

Lunch was a chicken ceaser salad, watermelon and 1 pumpkin cookie.

For dinner we are having turkey sausage, potato's, pepper's and onions all tossed in the crockpot. Let's hope it's good!! 

Have a wonderful rest of your Monday...

*What's for dinner tonight? 

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