Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Venturing out of my comfort zone with healthy results

Hello! And Happy Wednesday to ya!

I did something completely out of my comfort zone yesterday... I GOT A MASSAGE!

Now I know there are people in the world who get massages on the regular, and kudos's to them. I, however, am not one of those people. The thought of a massage never appealed to me until the tightness in my back was so annoying I needed to do something. I have tightness do to running and running with my shoulders up to my ears. I try to consciously tell myself "drop your shoulders" but they always seem to creep back up.

I was nervous for a few reasons, 1) I thought it would hurt, hurt more than I was already hurting. 2) I'd be uncomfortable in a self conscious kinda way and 3) It's an expensive thing to do and seem selfish and I have a lot of guilt when I do things for myself. So even with those 3 things in mind, I knew it was for the best because 1) its an ancient healing technique used to heal and promote health and well being not to mention way back then they used it to cure and prevent illnesses. 2) rids your body of toxins 3) relaxation (who in the world doesn't need that?!)

So (this part might seem a little crazy to some, me included) but I started picking the brain of one of the receptionists I work with in my veterinary office. She is a certified massage therapist. I was telling her my issues and she explained that massage would benefit me greatly. She suggested her doing it. (Crazy right some one I work with massaging me). I himmed and hawwed for 2 weeks. I spoke with my husband to talk the financials with him and he (like I knew he would) said if it will help..DO IT!  

So I set up a massage with my co-worker.

We went after work on Tuesday to a salon where she has a room in the back for massages.

I didn't take a before picture, well to be quit honest I was nervous and totally forgot. Her room was quiet and relaxing and magical! I started on the stomach and she massaged me back then my left leg and foot then my left side in the same order. The massage was not what I though it would be, all fingers and pokey and painful. It was a real fluid motion and completely incredible!

After she was done with my back I rolled over, she is beyond professional, then she did my neck and arms, legs, and feet again.

We didn't talk... which was nice.

Post massage bed and some lighting:

When my hour was up, she sat down next to me and explained to me a few things to do post massage. 1) drink lots of water, her massaging the tissues has made them release a lot of toxins so we want to flush those out (plus my urine my be dark and smell bad...) 2) I will be sore, my major areas were my shoulders and my forearms. She said she could work on my shoulders for a good hour, easily. yikes! 3) sit up slowly because the circulation from the massage might make me dizzy. 4) Take it easy on Wednesday, I might feel sluggish. 5) be more conscious of dropping my shoulders in every day activities not just running, be aware they rise up when I am doing other things.  

She then left, I dressed and she met outside the door with a bottle of water. I wanted to hug her :)

I got in my jeep took a peek at myself and saw my cheeks were rosy and my hair a mess but I felt fantastic. 

Today I did what she said. I went for a 3.5 mile walk on the rail trail after I dropped my daughter off at school. And I have been consciously thinking about my shoulders and man do I lift them all the time!

I'm proud of myself 1) for getting out of my comfort zone 2) asking someone for help when I needed it 3) doing something great for my body. 

*Anyone ever had a massage, if not are you fearful of them like I was? 

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