Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday movements

Hello Monday! Welcome to a new week filled with healthy living, right!? YES!! :)

This mornings breakfast was oatmeal with a dollop of peanut butter and a Tbsp of chia seeds. (not bad). And a banana and green tea. Then it was off to school for my daughter and I was off to the rail trail. It was a odd weather morning. A humid 50*+ degrees, kinda gross feeling out.

These flowers were all along the trail, so pretty . 

The trees are starting to change, and my 3 mile walk was very pretty and peaceful. 

Glad I got out for my walk, then I'll head up to the gym for some weights. 


The gym was empty at 10:00 am for like 5 minutes. 

I did 200 crunches! 

There was some free weights and leg press, donkey kicks and leg extensions and leg curls but none of my pictures turned out! 

Then I did the elliptical for 20 min on the cardio setting which is what I do when I want to get a hard quick workout in! It really is just that, So a total of 2 hours of exercise...nice! 

I'm seeing some sort of definition. :) hello progress!

Once home, it was shower time and lunch, mama was hungry. I did turkey rolls ups-ish. I didn't really roll them more like fold but you get the picture. I am eating Golden legacy all natural turkey which is THE BEST turkey (made in MI too) and white cheddar cheese, a bit of mustard and baby romaine are the greens there. 

Have you ever heard that cheddar cheese is suppose to be white no orange?!!It's a color they add... I just found this out and I NEED to investigate. Findings to some later! 

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